Brett Dennison $45/hr

LeVaughn Williams $45/hr

Anthony Ellis $40/hr


1 Song $70

6 - 10 Songs $60/each

11+ Songs $50/each

Quality Recording

High quality equipment in the hands of knowledgable recording engineers is key in making quality records.  No matter what sound, mood, or texture you're imagining, we can make it a reality.

Professional Mixing

Let our 30+ years of mixing experience take your project to the next level.  For a song to reach its full potential, it must be mixed properly.  We can mix full track-outs or stems!

Pristine Mastering

Once your project is mixed, have your songs mastered for a competitive, final, radio-ready product.  Our mastering combines anlog and digital processing, rendering a rich, smooth, wide, and loud master.  Using a technique called parallel processing, we are able to substantially increase the density and depth of your track.

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