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FireFly Studios, established in Toledo, Ohio in 2003, specializes in high quality audio recording and song production for recording artists.  Our studio was designed to meet the needs of major label projects, while being affordable and accessible to the independent artist.  We have an extensive collection of world-class analog and digital studio equipment to accommodate the most discriminating tastes, and we welcome all styles of music.



High quality equipment in the hands of knowledgable recording engineers is key in making quality records.  No matter what sound, mood, or texture you're imagining, we can make it a reality.


Let our experience and high-end gear list take your project to the next level.  For a song to reach its full potential, it must be mixed properly.  We can mix full track-outs or stems!

Once your project is mixed, have your songs mastered for a competitive, final, radio-ready product. Our masters sound BIG, rich, clear, wide, and 3D! We substantially increase the density and and depth of your mixes and make albums sound more cohesive.


FireFly Studios Gift Certificates

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